Monday, July 2, 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Hello ~ 
Another one of my outfits. Is this getting boring? Should I stop posting these? I have no clue.
I should have taken more photos, all the ones I took turned out to be blurry in the end... 



I am too lazy to look up all the brands on the clothings' labels (again), but I still remember where I bought everything: Shirt and brooch were bought on Ebay, sweater was bought from Wonder Rocket, necklace was from Paris Kid's, pants were from Romantic Standad and the bag was a free gift from Wonder Rocket for spending what felt like millions of $ there.

And because I do not want to make a separate post for this:

Around Christmas I made a post about Mori Girl inspired gift wrapping and ever since I wanted to try out something like this myself. This isn't really beauty- or fashion related (though obvious inspired by Mori Girl fashion), but since I am quite content with my first attempt, a gift for a family member in Japan, I wanted to share it nevertheless.

Wrapped the gift in postal packing paper and glued doily to the outer corners.

Added more doily and some butterfly which I cut out of cardboard.

Got disturbed by one of my cats.

Added some paper ribbon band and post package packing band to the package and some jute band as ribbon. Placed a paper rose in the middle.

And that's it! ^_^

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