Monday, July 2, 2012

Outfit Of The Day

Hello ~ 
Another one of my outfits. Is this getting boring? Should I stop posting these? I have no clue.
I should have taken more photos, all the ones I took turned out to be blurry in the end... 



I am too lazy to look up all the brands on the clothings' labels (again), but I still remember where I bought everything: Shirt and brooch were bought on Ebay, sweater was bought from Wonder Rocket, necklace was from Paris Kid's, pants were from Romantic Standad and the bag was a free gift from Wonder Rocket for spending what felt like millions of $ there.

And because I do not want to make a separate post for this:

Around Christmas I made a post about Mori Girl inspired gift wrapping and ever since I wanted to try out something like this myself. This isn't really beauty- or fashion related (though obvious inspired by Mori Girl fashion), but since I am quite content with my first attempt, a gift for a family member in Japan, I wanted to share it nevertheless.

Wrapped the gift in postal packing paper and glued doily to the outer corners.

Added more doily and some butterfly which I cut out of cardboard.

Got disturbed by one of my cats.

Added some paper ribbon band and post package packing band to the package and some jute band as ribbon. Placed a paper rose in the middle.

And that's it! ^_^

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sun Tattoos Designs Fashion

Today tattoos are second-hand by men and recompense for personality expression or to create a style statement.

Nowadays, adorning a sun tattoo fake not denote so as to you are a worshiper of the sun deity.

In general, the sun is consideration to be a symbol of glory, authority and brilliance, and since of petroleum it has twist out to be a extremely well-liked image for corpse art.

The sun is too careful as a symbol which signifies life, strength, soul, as healthy as warmness.

To more supposed a few dissimilar cultures, the sun symbolized all as,at the same occasion as attributes. Native Americans careful the sun to be the guardian of the day.

Maori tattoos Trends


The Maori tattoo designs now inspired by nature and day rear to a lot of centuries ago.

The Maori tattoo designs contain twist out to be extremely well-liked but contain contain lost the customary and tribal meaning so as to contain detained for the indigenous Maori.

Aries Tattoo Designs

Aries cipher distinct by horned ram by means of golden wings, Aries tattoos meanings are extremely versatile.

Power, high-quality luck, energy, warmth, vision, intuition is a number of of the meanings of aries tattoo symbols.

Both men and recompense can discover the the majority good and appropriate aries tattoo symbols for themselves.

Review: Skinfood Royal Honey Mask

Hello ~

Today I am reviewing the Skinfood Royal Honey Mask. My review is based on a sample size product and therefore on a 1-2-time usage.

     Product description     
Royal Honey Mask is an ex-foliating mask with royal black honey and royal jelly extracts that sloughs away dead skin cells and transforms rough skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion.
Royal Black Honey is natural raw black honey from South Asian forests, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Royal Black Honey enriches with a myriad of nutrients that are amazingly good for the skin.
* Use: Apply a quarter-sized amount evenly to the face and massage gently. Leave on for 10 minutes until the texture turns watery. Massage in gentle circular motions until clumps of cellulose granules and impurities appear. Wipe off and cleanse with a foaming cleanser.
The original product comes in a 150ml dispenser bottle, which is my most favorite kind of packing, because it is the most handy and also the most hygienic.

This was a product I would originally never have bought, simply because I do not like honey. I do not like the taste or the smell of it, so I was very skeptic about this Royal Honey Mask.

To my very big surprise, this mask is almost scent free! Yes, I am kind of used to that when it comes to Skinfood products and this is one of the things I love about them. But still I imagined there to be a more significant smell and I also thought the mask would be kind of sticky.
But turned out that the Skinfood Royal Honey Mask is see-through and has a (almost) non-sticky gel-like texture, so this was a big pleasant surprise.

What I did not like about this mask was that, like written in the description the texture turns watery, which means the mask starts running down my face and also on my lips and it tastes quite bad. Not like honey at all, but it has a burnings soap-like bitter taste. It doesn't get completely water-like and drops down your face like crazy, but it is still unpleasant in my opinion.

Skinfood Royal Honey Mask texture
Left: Review: Skinfood Royal Honey Mask on face - Right: granules after massaging

After 10 minutes I massaged it in like instructed and it really turned into small granules so I could basically rub the mask off my face like a peeling. I like how this isn't only a super-moisturizing mask, but how it also has a strong cleansing effect and the idea of a mask in a dispenser bottle thrills me so much that I am actually considering to re-purchase this, despite my original skepticism.
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