Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Dress Tea Length

Tea length wedding dresses are not as common as full length wedding gowns but they can sure make a huge impact! They are perfect for smaller more intimate gathering and even for vintage style weddings.

The blue sash adds a pop of color to your look, and the matching shrug looks very chic. The gown is also made entirely of lace, with plenty of unique embellishments to add a bit of style to your look.

What about this playful tea length, strapless wedding dress in white with polka dots.This dress makes this lady look like a princess.

With this tea length wedding gown, you get the look and feel of a ballgown skirt without the length! This strapless dress features a full taffeta skirt with a tulle layer underneath; a beaded bodice decorated with plenty of floral embellishments and an open back for a dash of sexy sophistication.
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