Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: EOS G-208 Sugar Candy Green / Sakura Green Circle Lens

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Today I want to review another pair of Circle Lenses, which are known under quite a few different names.
I have also found them labeled as 

EOS G-208 Green
EOS Candy Green
EOS Sugar Candy Green 
EOS Sakura Green 
EOS Jewel Green 

Product Description:

Soft Contact Lens
Water Content:
Base Curve:
EOS Co.; Ltd.
1 year (as always, I don't suggest to wear them for longer than max. 3 months)

You may find these lenses in a pink packing with the EOS label on them, or alternatively in a blue one for the western market with the word "Rainbow" on them.
They are also available in brown, blue, purple and gray color.

Design: The EOS Candy Circle Lens has a very blank design, with a thick dark black circle around them (on the inside the circle is dark green, as seen on the photos above) and no fancy pattern. These are the kind of circle lenses I like the most.
Color: Sadly the color is actually quite horrible, nothing even remotely natural. I think it is quite clear why this is often called the Sugar Candy line - the colors are bright and popping, like sugar candy. As most circle lenses are designed for dark brown eyes, bright colors are usually necessary for them to be clearly visible on the eye, but my eyes are light green and the bright color appears a bit freakish to me. In the end I did not feel as comfortable wearing them as I thought, because they were a bit too noticeable for my taste and were giving my eyes a freakish appearance. Certainly not the every-day-wear kind of lenses.
Enlargement: The enlargement is pretty much alien-eyes huge. When I compare them with their diameter of 14.5mm to some 14.8mm lenses I have tried, they enlargement effect is similar.

Comfort: The comfort is not good. :(
At first, when I put them into my eyes, they feel pretty good, similar to some GEO lenses I have tried and GEO lenses are the king of comfort to me. However, the feeling lasts for about 1-2 hours and then I catch myself constantly fumbling in my eyes. 
When I take out the lenses, wash them with lens solution and put them back into my eyes, they feel okay again. However, this doesn't always work, especially not when you aren't at home and don't have the hygienic comfort of your own basin. I am not sure I would suggest anyone to clean their contact lenses at for example a subway station toilet. :(
Unfortunately this makes the lenses not so usable to me. I had them for a month and only used them maybe 5-6 times before I threw them away after I had worn them for about 4 hours, wasn't at home to properly clean them again and just couldn't stand the feeling anymore.

If you want to use these lenses for home only, like for example for photos, or have opportunities where you can wear them for just 1-2 hours a day before you are back home again and can take them out, or if your eyes aren't reacting very sensitive to contact lenses in general, these might be worth a try for you.
If you have sensitive eyes, and rely on wearing your lenses 5-7 hours a day, I would suggest to stay away from these.
If you like the design, there are other lenses with a similar design, for example the Beaucon Jewels Circle Lens (They have a slightly more natural color, but unfortunately only come in 14.0 diameter size) or the  GEO XTRA Sakura circle lens (with a much darker green shade).

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