Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Daiso Charcoal Afinege Pore Pack Face & Nose

Hello ~
Today I want to review one of the many products I bought on my last trip to Japan, this time the Daiso Charcoal Afinege Pore Pack Face & Nose.
The Charcoal Afinege Pore Pack comes in a simple 30g tube. The description on the packing itself is all in Japanese, but there is also a small paper with an English text attached to it, so I assume this gets sold in Daisos outside of Japan too. I wonder whether instead of "Afinege" they were going for the French word " Affinage" (refinement) and just misspelled it?

This charcoal face mask is supposed to remove dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, etc out of your pores, especially around the corners of the wings of your nose, where nose strips sometimes have trouble reaching.

Daiso Nose Pack

The Daiso Charcoal Afinege Pore Pack is a dark gray liquid mass, which you put on your face, let it dry in and then peel off.

Unfortunately it does not work at all. The first time I tried it I covered it as instructed, or at least how I interpreted "as in thickness of bare skin to be covered". I took a tiny amount and applied it in a way so that my skin would be fully covered with the minimum amount possible. The result was a catastrophe. When the mask was dry and I tried to peel it off it would not come off as one layer as I had expected. I had to crumble the mask off my face bit by bit. It was horrible tiresome work and took me seriously like 5 minutes for just one cheek, then I gave up and washed the mask off instead of peeling it off.

The second time I tried it I decided to make a thick layer with it, hoping that it would stick together better and could be peeled off in one part. It still did not work. There were some parts where I could peel of some slightly bigger chunks, but especially around the edge, where the mask got thinner, I had to peel it of inch by inch again.

The parts I could peel off as one tore horribly at my face and it hurt quite a lot. I know it is supposed to stick to your face and tear out your white- and blackheads, but it shouldn't really hurt, right?
In the end my skin was red and irritate and my pores looked huge where I had to tear the mask off.

Apart from simply not working, the Daiso Charcoal Afinege Pore Pack is a also terrible mess. It sticks to your hands, your washbowl, everything and you have to scrub it off as it cannot be removed by simply wiping it off.

Needless to say that I do not advice anyone to purchase this. It does not work at all, irritates your skin and is just horribly unhandy to work with.
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