Saturday, June 9, 2012

Latest Takchita Moroccan Kaftan 2012

The takchita is a Moroccan customary women’s garment that, similar to the Moroccan caftan, is worn for celebrations, chiefly weddings.

There are stylish method so as to can be worn for party be dressed in of wedding dress in Morocco.

It is composed of two pieces, a dress as a primary layer, frequently of fine but not ornately decorated fabric, and a additional elaborate next layer or over-dress so as to frequently buttons up the front by,by means of the customary sfifa and akaad closures.

The higher layer is frequently richly adorned by means of embroidery, beading or sequins.

Modern interpretations of traditional Moroccan clothing, chiefly the takchita, caftan and jellaba are exhibited at the yearly Caftan fashion demonstrate in Morocco and hosted by the Moroccan style magazine Femmes du Maroc.

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